Wednesday, June 20, 2007

[Tell Me About A Book!] Theme Two: Biographies vs. Historical Fiction

Tell Me About a Book!
A Summer Reading program for Adult Book Clubs
June 2-July 28, 2007

Your book club can win prizes, meet bestselling authors, and obtain resources to promote reading, sharing, and lively debate. Register to win at any Library location each time your group reads and discusses a book.

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Tell Me About A Book! Theme 2
Biographies vs. Historical Fiction: The Importance of the Individual in Fact or Fiction

Biographies and Historical Fiction are favorite genres for many book clubs. Consider the following questions yourself or share them with your book club.

  1. How important are "the facts" in historical fiction?

  2. Is there a place for modern ideas in historical fiction or biographies of historical figures?

  3. What can we learn about the future from the past?

  4. Do biographies and historical fiction appeal to you for the same reasons? Do you enjoy them both?

Use the "comments" section below to share your thoughts. Click here for instructions. [pdf]

Click here for Memphis Reads reviews about Biographies and Historical Fiction.

Tell Me About A Book! is made possible by a grant from Mid South Reads and The Assisi Foundation.


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