Monday, March 13, 2006

Blog Guidelines

Guidelines for the MEMPHIS READS Weblog

1. MEMPHIS READS is an online forum for Memphis Public Library & Information Center customers and staff members to discuss their favorite fiction and non-fiction books. Library staff members contribute reviews, essays, and news items about titles in the Library's collection and raise ideas, questions, and concerns for discussion.

2. To participate in the discussion, leave a comment at the end of a "post" or blog entry. Most posts are books reviews. They provide the content of the blog and are published in reverse chronological order. In a comment, you respond to a review by
Click here for more information about how to leave comment.

3. All comments will be reviewed by the weblog administrator prior to publication. Inappropriate comments will be deleted.

4. In order to protect your privacy, please refrain from including such personally identifiable information as telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses or photographs in your comments.

5. Please limit your comments to text only. Any text, artwork or photographs that may be under copyright should not be submitted. Include a source for quotations (author and/or title). A full "academic" citations is not necessary.

6. Do not use profane, obscene, or otherwise offensive language.

7. Please be respectful of other contributors. The posting of deliberately hostile or insulting messages ("flaming") will not be tolerated.

8. The purpose of this blog is to discuss books, therefore, please do not promote any product or service or any non-library event (examples include self-published and commercial books; poetry readings and other public programs; and editing, tutoring and other professional services).

9. All comments must conform to the Memphis Public Library Internet Use Policy.

10. If you consistently fail to follow these guidelines, your comments will be blocked by the blog administrator.

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