Monday, March 18, 2013

[Book Review] WAGING HEAVY PEACE by Neil Young


Steve reviews WAGING HEAVY PEACE: A HIPPIE DREAM by Neil Young (Blue Rider Press, 2012).

Neil Young’s autobiography will captivate the reader with anecdotes that span a forty-year career in the music industry. Perhaps even more interesting is the unexpected exploration of Young’s eclectic interests. 

One thing is immediately apparent: Young is tireless for a man of his age! From biomass vehicles to train modeling, Young is involved in a dizzying array of creative projects. His humility and dedication to his craft are also underscored throughout the book. One might feel compelled to call Young a Renaissance man; The Leonardo Da Vinci of our age! This book left me questioning my own commitment to crafting a better world.

Steve Shackelford, South Branch Library

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