Tuesday, May 01, 2012


by Andrea

My favorite and most comfortable place to read is in my king-sized bed with only the lamp on as my husband, Neale, and cat, Mully, are sleeping beside me. I enjoy this because I am with my family, participating in one of my favorite activities. Now that I shared my favorite place to read, Memphis Reads wants to know yours.

Memphis Reads asks:

 Where is your favorite place to read?
What makes this your favorite place?

Click the comments link below to answer.


We have a nice cushy sofa in my house where I like to read. There is a large window that brings in plenty of natural light and a great view of my neighborhood.
I would like to encourage everyone to find the Children's picture book "The Best Place to Read" by Debbie Bertram. It is a favorite of mine--and my storytime kids. It lists TONS of places to read...and the reasons they don't work so well. LOL!

I like to read in bed with the booklight my husband bought me.
Anywhere I can sit down and put my feet up! I'm not into the whole feet-on-the-floor while reading thing!
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