Monday, April 02, 2012


by Andrea

We all know settings are just as crucial to a good book as much as the plot or characters need to be. Settings can inspire, intrigue, or even relax readers.

Memphis Reads wants know: Have you read about any place, in a fiction or nonfiction book, where you wanted to pack your bags and visit?

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Even though I originally proposed this question, I had to give my answer some thought. I realized I would most like to be in Mr. Tumnus' cottage. (He is the faun from C.S. Lewis' THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE.)Mr. and Mrs. Tumnus served hot tea and various snacks to the children and told them about Narnia as they all sat by the fire. This just sounds so cozy and relaxing to me!
Yes! Elizabeth Knox's Dreamhunter Duet takes place in a fictional turn of the century place in New Zealand called Southland, where there exists another dimension called the Place. Here, Dreamhunters enter and catch dreams to broadcast back home in Southland. The books are so descriptive and engaging that I haven't been able to get them out of my head and I have longed to be there. Oh, and also, Hogwarts. Of course.
I feel drawn to the bays and offshore islands of the eastern seaboard, most recently by Chesapeake by Michner and Prince of Tides by Conroy. Both books intertwine drama with place. Jerry
This may sound silly, but I'd like to visit the place where Nicholas Sparks' book The Guardian is set in... Swansboro, NC. The story itself is a suspense/thriller intertwined with a bit of romance. Swansboro, is actually a small town in real life America, not just a fictional place. When the Frayser Book Club discussed this book one of the members brought pictures of the real Swansboro, NC. I was so impressed with it's small town charm I've decided to visit there!
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