Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kimberla Lawson Roby Visits North Branch Library

The Memphis Public Library & Information Center frequently hosts visits of popular authors. This past Monday, bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby visited the North Branch Library.

Ms. Roby appeared at North at the request of Johnnie Mosley, librarian and facilitator of the Renaissance Men's Book Club:
I asked her to come since she was here in Memphis for the Sisterhood Showcase at the Cook Convention Center and a book signing at Borders Bookstore in Germantown. Kimberla informed me that there was no way she could tell me no because of the moral support I have given her before she became a bestselling author. Also, she let me know that she appreciated the fact that the Renaissance Men's Book Club has read and bought her books. A number of guys in the group have also written her e-mails in the past. It was not until Lillian in Marketing asked me whether the Renaissance Men's Book Club had read any of Kimberla 's books that I discovered that we had read 7 of the nine books she had written. Kimberla let all of us know that she enjoyed her visit with us. We also enjoyed her visit. When Kimberla came through the door, she and I were so glad to see each other.

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Good for Mr. Mosley, The Renaissance Men's Book Club and the North Branch Library. Kudos on a job well done and keep up the great work! (smile)
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