Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What is your favorite genre?

Thanks to Beth, Highland Branch Library, for another great question!


My favorite genre is probably fluffy, light chick-lit. I read so much deep subject material (literature, philosophy, etc.) in college that when I finally get time now to read, I like to give my brain a break!
My favorite genre is mystery,followed closely by contemporary African American novels(NOT STREET LIT.) I will read almost any thing,as long as it holds my interest.
Although I try to read in various genres, when it's for fun, I love to read a good science fiction book.

Like most science fiction fans, I have my favorite subgenres as well, and there is some science fiction which does not appeal to me personally.

The kind of science fiction I like best is the speculative kind that looks at a trend and takes it to a logical conclussion, often looking at ethical or moral issues through a different lens.
I'm sure it is obvious to you, if you look at my reviews, but I prefer suspence and supernatural books. Sometimes I can even get both in one book! Of course I also read chick lit, romance and mystery but put a suspence or supernatural book in my hand and I'm gone into heaven.

Beth, Highland Branch Library
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