Thursday, March 20, 2008


Do your reading habits change as the seasons change? How?

Thanks to Beth at Highland for a great question!


For me, it's not so much the seasons as the holidays which might put me on or off of a book. I usually like something a little spooky around Halloween and it was great fun listening to the audiobook of Hogfather around Christmas. I'll pretty much enjoy a good book anytime of year, though.
I think I tend to read longer novels with heavier subject matter in the winter whereas I'll read lighter "beach reads" in the summer. (Event though, how often do I go to the beach?!) I can't resist reading BLUE CHRISTMAS by Mary Kay Andrews or A REDBIRD CHRISTMAS by Fannie Flagg when it gets to be that time of year.
My friends have pointed out that I defintely read by the seasons! In January I order up cookbooks (apparently I start every year with the idea I'm going to cook more) and each Spring I order books about growing flowers. Usually around June or July a friend will be getting married and request help with the wedding flowers. (I don't do bridal bouquets!) During December I focus on books about making presents and "great wrapping" ideas. However any time of year, you'll see me with fiction or a best seller in my hand.

Beth, Highland Branch Library
Time is the major factor for me more than season. I do a lot of time consuming work for my church Sunday through Thursday,but I keep several books handy at all times in all the right places(bedroom,bathroom,car,workbag.)A day without a book is not a good day for me,winter,spring,summer or fall.
I find myself reading more in the spring and fall due to the nice weather. I have a rocker in the back carport which remains rocking during the hours from 5:00p to 10:00p. :)
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