Wednesday, August 08, 2007

[Resource] Who Reads What?

Who Reads What?

Each year retired librarian Glenna Nowell asks a group of celebrities what they are reading. This year's list, the 19th such compilation, features novelists Robert Crais, Carolyn Hart and Ursula Le Guin as well as chef Wolfgang Puck.

In 1991 the Washington Post published an article about Ms. Nowell's then four-year old service: " 'I was looking for a hook that would get people to read a book, ' " Nowell said, adding that she also wanted to steer readers toward books other than bestsellers. After looking at news and fashion magazines and listening to suggestions from readers, Nowell put together her first list of VIPs to be contacted. She got their addresses from celebrity references at the Gardiner [Maine] Public Library."

You can access the article for free from any library location using our online database America's Newspapers.

Submitted by Sarah Frierson, Business/Science Department


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