Monday, July 27, 2015

[Author Obits] John A. Williams and E.L. Doctorow

Two highly regarded authors passed away recently:

New York Times Photo
John A. Williams, (b.1927) died July 7, 2015 in New Jersey at the age of 89. Williams wrote The Man Who Cried I Am in 1967 and is also known for the controversial book, The King God Didn’t Save: Reflections on the Life and Death of Martin Luther King Jr. (1970).

Read the full New York Times obituary, John A. Williams, 89, Dies; Underrated Novelist Wrote About Black Identity

Other Williams tributes:
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According to the NYTimes obituary, Williams “regarded his peers as E. L. Doctorow, John Updike and Norman Mailer.” Which leads to the next loss in the world of literature.

New York Times Photo

Historical novelist E.L. Doctorow (b.1931) died at the age of 84 in Manhattan on July 21, 2015. His numerous works include the 1975 novel, Ragtime and The March, published in 2005.

Click for the full New York Times obituary, E. L. Doctorow Dies at 84; Literary Time Traveler Stirred Past Into Fiction 

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EL Doctorow: 'He showed how a great literary imagination can illuminate the present through the prism of the past' - The Guardian Books Blog

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