Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[Book Review] The Stranger by Harlan Coben


Andrea reviews THE STRANGER by Harlan Coben (Random House, 2015)

Everyone has secrets. The secret could be so small the holder may not remember having it, or the secret could be so gigantic it is eating its owner from the inside.  It does not matter the magnitude of the secret because everyone has them. It’s just a matter of what happens when the secrets are exposed.

Enter the Stranger. He thrives in finding out different people’s enormous secrets and exposing them cruelly and elaborately. As sick and twisted as this is, he justifies it by making it a living blackmailing others.

When the Stranger runs into suburban lawyer, Adam Price, he exposes a secret so great that Adam’s entire universe is shattered. Soon the tangled web of lies and deception that Adam and wife Corinne enters is so dark that their perfect life together is just a mirage. Adam comes to realize if he does not play this chess game just perfectly, his American dream will be completely annihilated by these con artists.

Once again Harlan Coben has written an amazingly dark tale that causes readers to lose sleep because they just have to know what will happen next. If you’re a fan of reading non-stop, not sleeping because the story is just that good, or else, getting absolutely nothing done on your to-do list, read The Stranger. I promise, you will not put it down until you have absorbed all of it!

Andrea Bledsoe-King, Poplar-White Station Library

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