Thursday, February 26, 2015

[Book Review] Island of Dreams by Patricia Potter


Reader’s Advisory Romance Genre Review

Carolina reviews ISLAND OF DREAMS by Patricia Potter (HarperPaperbacks,1991)
Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia, is Meara O’Hara’s island of dreams. She is a young, twenty-two-year-old lady on her way to college to be a journalist. She is on vacation with the wealthy family she nannies for when she meets the irresistible Michael Fielding. What Meara doesn’t know is that Michael is an undercover German spy sent to sabotage the wealthy families of Jekyll Island. What Michael doesn’t know is that Meara is the woman of his dreams and the one person that makes his betrayal that much harder.
Twenty-one years after the act of betrayal, Meara returns to the island. She and her daughter are in danger, but do not know it yet. An enemy of the past returns for revenge. Meara only has one person to turn to--the one who had so badly shattered her life and security twenty-one years before.
Set during the 1940s, Island of Dreams is a riveting page turner for the historical fiction fan. As one who normally does not read romance novels, this book kept me up late at night unable to put it down. I definitely would recommend this book to both romance and non-romance fans. It is a great book and one that I would reread!

Carolina Salcedo, Randolph Library

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