Monday, December 22, 2014

[Book Review] The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh


Andrea reviews THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD by Laura McHugh (Spiegel & Grau, 2014 )
This is a most grisly tale set in the backwoods of the Ozark Mountains. Even though 17-year-old Lucy Dane has grown up in the tiny town of Henbane, Missouri, members of the small town still treat her as an outsider.

When Lucy was just an infant, her young mother, Lila, disappeared without a trace, leaving her father, Carl, to raise her.  Now a generation later, Lucy’s friend, Cheri, has vanished--just as Lila did. Townspeople have their suspicions, but why are they pointing fingers at Carl and his brother, Crete? Especially frustrated since there were no answers about Lila’s disappearance, Lucy incorporates her two friends, Daniel and Bess, to help her to solve Cheri’s murder.

Alternating mainly between Lucy and Lila’s voices, Ms. McHugh’s debut novel is one of foreboding and fright. Everyone is suspect in both crimes when really the answer is almost obvious.

If readers are looking for a thriller that will make their hair stand up on end, I definitely recommend The Weight of Blood.

Andrea, Poplar-White Station Library

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