Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Book Review] Panic by Sharon Draper

Fiction/Young Adult

Andrea reviews PANIC by Sharon Draper (Simon and Schuster, 2013)

There are always strong, heated emotions in Sharon Draper’s books. Her newest young adult book, Panic, did not disappoint readers in the fact there is a lot a frustration and anger brewing within this story.

Fifteen-year-old Diamond Landers has always wanted to be a famous ballerina. When a stranger she meets in the mall offers her the chance to audition as Wendy in a movie version of Peter Pan, Diamond is more than ecstatic to have the chance. The stranger appears to have plenty of money and contacts to enable her dream, so what is the harm with leaving the mall with him?

In the story’s subplot, fellow ballerina Layla has been feeling neglected by her waitress mother and inmate father, so she takes up with school thug, Donavan. Even though he always insults and abuses her, Donavan tries to make sure everyone at school and the ballet studio knows Layla is his “property.” He especially tries to prove this to Justin, Layla’s dancing partner. Of course Donavan loves Layla; why else would he be so jealous and possessive of her?

Panic is a fantastic book that will exasperate readers with Diamond and Layla’s naiveté but make us realize people of all ages are struggling with self-worth. Sharon Draper once again proves through faith, family, and friends that life may not be absolutely perfect but it is definitely much better.

Andrea King, Poplar White Station Library

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