Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Book Review] Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe


Reader’s Advisory Class Review – Multicultural Fiction

Nakia reviews THINGS FALL APART by Chinua Achebe (McDowell, Obolensky c1959)

In this masterfully written story, Achebe affectionately describes the Ibo culture, a fictional village in Nigeria. This story highlights the life of Okonkwo, the tribe’s most respected leader. Achebe describes Okonkwo’s family, background, customs and cultural beliefs. 

Okonkwo is a husband to three wives, father to several children, a champion wrestler and prosperous farmer. However, Okonkwo is flawed. He has a fiery temper and a deeply rooted fear of failure.  He is mean and stops at nothing to preserve the customs of the Ibo people.  

There are several conflicts within this tale. One of the most significant conflicts is seen when evangelizing Christians and English colonial administrators establish themselves in the Ibo village, causing uproar in the traditional life of the Ibo people. This is a tragic but thought provoking tale and a must read for the multicultural fiction genre.

Nakia Armstrong, Central Library

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I enjoyed the book as well. I will also read the 2 remaining books in the trilogy along with one of his nonfiction works, "The Education of a British Protected Child."
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