Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Book Review] New Times in the Old South by Marlyn Schwartz


Marilyn reviews NEW TIMES IN THE OLD SOUTH: OR WHY SCARLETT'S IN THERAPY AND TARA'S GOING CONDO by Marlyn Schwartz (Harmony Books, 1993)

New Times in the Old South by Maryln Schwartz is an interesting read on the attitudes and customs of the Old and New South. With the emergence of new money and an influx of northern people, Old South customs and ways are changing. Most of the changes are small, but together they form the New South. With humor, Maryln Schwartz writes about the old and new attitudes of Atlanta, Houston, Memphis and other southern cities.
In these cities, small changes in attitudes and customs of the old and the new combine to influence careers, clubs, recipes, speedways, and southern life. One thing that changed in Memphis, Tennessee was the Memphis Junior League cookbook. The book had an important change--the audience of the cookbook:
"The Memphis Junior League also wanted a national, even international audience for its new cookbook. 'So we hired a marketing research firm to find out just what would make our book marketable everywhere,' explains Lisa Colcoloough, cookbook cochair: 'Its very important because this cookbook will fund most of our community projects.'
The research showed that outsiders think of music as well as good food when they think of Memphis. The result is a recipe collection called Heart and Soul."
To find out about Heart and Soul and Memphis in the New South, read this book.

Marilyn Umfress, Central Library

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