Wednesday, July 03, 2013

[Author Obits] Iain Banks, Vince Flynn, and Richard Matheson

Three best-selling authors passed away in June:

Scottish author Iain Banks (b.1954) lost his battle with cancer on June 9th at the age of 59.  Many websites note that his death came days before the release of his final novel, The Quarry. The science fiction novelist was known for his critically acclaimed debut novel, The Wasp Factory as well as his Culture series.

Recommended: CNN and The Independent obituaries and Iain Banks Official Website 

Political thriller writer Vince Flynn (b. 1966) passed away June 19th at the age of 47. "Mr. Flynn’s fans included former Central Intelligence Agency operatives; the talk-show hosts Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Hugh Hewitt, who frequently had him on their shows; and President George W. Bush, who invited him to the White House." (via CNN)  His novels featured fictional counter-terrorism operative Mitch Rapp who first appeared in Transfer of Power

Recommended: NYTimes obituary and

Richard Matheson (b. 1926) passed away Sunday, June 23, at the age of 87. According to CNN's obituary, Matheson "wrote more than 25 novels and nearly 100 short stories."  His classic works included I Am Legend, What Dreams May Come, and The Omega Man, all adapted into feature films. 

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