Tuesday, May 07, 2013

[Book Review] Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson


Darletha reviews YES, CHEF: A MEMOIR by Marcus Samuelsson (Random House, 2012)

Grab your passport and pack your appetite for this globe-trotting memoir from Marcus Samuelsson.  He is a recognizable face to anyone familiar with the food competition shows Chopped or season two of Top Chef Masters.  

Marcus was born in Ethiopia where he and his sister became orphaned as children. They were adopted and raised in Sweden by the Samuelssons. His love of cooking developed from watching and helping his grandmother cook traditional Swedish dishes. Driven by strong ambition and a relentless work ethic, Marcus embarked on a culinary career by starting at the bottom of "brigade de cuisine" as "kitchen boy" to become an award-winning chef and entrepreneur.

This back-of-the-restaurant memoir never gets dull because each new city brings new culinary adventures, described by Marcus in mouth-watering detail. Anyone interested in becoming a chef will gain valuable insight from Samuelsson’s mistakes and his accomplishments.

Darletha Matthews, South Branch Library

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I have wanted to read this memoir for some time. After this glowing review, I have requested the book from another branch and should be enjoying YES, CHEF very soon. Thanks!
It's a very good book. I really enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy it as well. Very fascinating memoir (with cute baby pics).
I am already enjoying this memoir. Being a former restaurant worker, (I waited tables for 10 years) I always enjoy stories like these. You should read HEAT by Bill Buford.
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