Monday, May 20, 2013

[Book Review] Sula by Toni Morrison

Fiction/African American

Reader’s Advisory Class – African American Literature Review

Nakia reviews SULA by Toni Morrison (Originally published by Knopf, 1973) 

Sula is a story about friendship. It is a story about two young African American women (Sula and Nel) who lived in the South during the early to mid-1900s.  Although they faced many adversities, the two found solace in sharing their joys and sorrows with each other.  Sula is complicated, negative, disloyal and promiscuous, but throughout parts of the book, you will still find yourself pulling for her. She’s gutsy, protective, and brutally honest at times.  I enjoyed reading the development of the other characters in the book as well – Eva, Tar Baby, Hannah, Cecile, Chicken Little and Helene.  

This is a masterful work by the renowned Toni Morrison. This story is bold and controversial.  The characters are rich and lively.  This wasn’t my favorite Toni Morrison book, but it is still very well written piece of literature and deserves the recognition it has received.

Nakia Armstrong, Central Library

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