Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Book Review] Pie by Sarah Weeks


Reader’s Advisory Review - Children’s Fiction

Nakia reviews PIE by Sarah Weeks (Scholastic Press, 2011)

This book was selected for our mother/daughter book club, and I really enjoyed it.  Young readers as well as adults will enjoy this book.  My nine-year-old daughter read it in six hours! Sarah Weeks skillfully grabs your attention in this mystery.  

Pie tackles the crushing reality of losing a loved one, building friendships and embracing self-discovery.  In Pie, the main character, Alice, embarks upon the task of finding a secret pie crust recipe left by her Aunt Polly.  

Aunt Polly was a beloved pie maker who opened a small pie shop, named Pie, in their town.  She was famous for her delectable pies.  The key to her scrumptious pies was a secret pie crust recipe that was passed down through generations.  The mystery of this story begins when Aunt Polly dies.  As Alice tries to cope with the sudden loss of her aunt, she is on a mission to solve the mystery behind the missing secret pie crust recipe.  

The best part of the book for me is that it comes with several pie recipes.  Each chapter begins with a famous recipe from Aunt Polly’s recipe book.

Nakia Armstrong, Central Library

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