Thursday, January 24, 2013

[Book Review] CRATER by Homer Hickam

Science Fiction/Young Adult

Beth reviews CRATER: A HELIUM-3 NOVEL by Homer Hickam (Nelson, 2012).

It's the 22nd Century and our main character, the orphaned Crater Trueblood, just turned sixteen and is already a seasoned Helium-3 miner on the moon. His lifelong goal is to be a foreman on the scrapes (the mining area). Crater sees his chance when his boss, the Colonel, requests Crater to take a treacherous journey through space to pick up a priceless treasure. Crater, accompanied by Maria and his gillie--an often insubordinate clump of slime mold cells that has amazing capabilities--must move a convoy of Helium-3 trucks across an unsettled section of the moon.

What is the treasure Crater is looking for? Why are so many willing to kill for it? Is it worth the trouble?

Beth, Cordova Library

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