Monday, December 03, 2012


Fiction/Young Adult

Beth reviews SETH BAUMGARTNER'S LOVE MANIFESTO by Eric Luper (Balzer + Bray, 2010)

It's been a bad summer for 17-year-old Seth Baumgartner.  His girlfriend dumps him during lunch at Applebee's (to date their shovel-chinned waiter), he's been fired from his fourth summer job and he spots his father with a woman who is NOT his mother.  His friend, Dimitri, is no help but their conversations are humorous. 

Seth, needing a better outlet for his thoughts, turns to podcasting on the internet.  He covers normal high school boy topics--cleavage, music, his ex-girlfriend, and also his father's affair. Trouble starts when others start to listen to his podcasts. Can he make amends to those he hurts?  Get a job he can keep?  Win the country club golf tournament and the prize scholarship with his father?  Will he get another girlfriend?  

Notes: Genre: Humor, Reading Level: High School

Beth, Cordova Branch Library

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