Thursday, December 20, 2012

[Book Review] LOVE ANTHONY by Lisa Genova


Andrea reviews LOVE ANTHONY by Lisa Genova (Gallery Books, 2012)

Just as I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Genova’s other novels, Still Alice and Left Neglected, I totally consumed her newest novel, Love Anthony.

Two women, Olivia and Beth, from two different lifestyles are brought together by a chance encounter as they both are dealing with a loss in their lives.

Olivia is Anthony’s mother. Anthony was diagnosed with autism when he was three. Anthony in his short eight years of life never spoke, hated to be touched, and almost never made eye contact. Olivia and husband David always felt there was an unreachable treatment for Anthony, and when they could not obtain it they felt they failed Anthony in the worst possible way.

Beth, mother of three daughters, is feeling her own loss as she finds out her husband of 14 years has been sleeping with another woman for the past year. Now, the two women are alone and must overcome their heartbreak in their own way. Because of a
peculiar meeting, Anthony is brought to life again in a most peculiar way.

This was a heartbreaking tale of motherhood, friendship, and autism. It will inspire readers to have the courage to move on from their personal tragedies.

Andrea King, Poplar-White Station Library

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