Friday, December 14, 2012

[Book Review] CAMO GIRL by Kekla Magoon

Fiction/Young Adult

Beth reviews CAMO GIRL by Kekla Magoon  (Aladdin, 2011)

Ella and Zachary ("Z") live in a suburb of Las Vegas and have been friends forever but Z, now homeless with his mother, has always been the "weird kid."  He has always lived in a fantasy world--often starring himself as a knight--but now his fantasy world is taking over. Their classmates make fun of Ella, the only African American in her school,  because of her facial skin pigmentation--which leads them to calling her camo face. Z and Ella stick together for safety.
Then an African American boy, Bailey, joins her class and is popular. Will Ella be able to stay friends with Z and become friends with Bailey? Can she become popular herself?  Why is Z acting weirder than normal? Can Ella help him before it is too late?  

Notes: Reading Level:  Middle School, Genre:  Realistic

Beth, Cordova Library

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