Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[News and Notes] Book Lists from Around the Web

Summertime in Memphis is in full effect, evident by temperatures soaring into the 100s the past two weeks, followed by torrential thunderstorms and unpredictable power outages. If you're looking for something to read while waiting out the next heat wave or thunderstorm, browse the lists below.

Editors at amazon.com have organized their choices for the Best Books of 2012 So Far.

From BookRiot:
Friends who can laugh at their differing political beliefs before this year's presidental election might enjoy  Books to Annoy Your Conservative Friends or  Books to Annoy Your Liberal Friends

A Summer Reading List for College Freshmen is a list designed to help college students become well-rounded readers.

From Flavorwire:
"To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music that words make,” Truman Capote once said.  Read more from 15 Famous Authors on Why They Write.

Flavorwire's How to Talk About 10 Important Books You Probably Haven't Read, profiles ten classic novels with cheat sheets, inspired by Pierre Bayard's guide, How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read.  

Comic-Con begins this week in San Diego. Miss your favorite cancelled sci-fi television shows? View Awesome Books to Replace Your Favorite TV Shows from io9.com.

Here is another science fiction list of books with not-so-happy endings. Brace yourself for a few dismal spoilers at 10 Great Science Fiction Novels with Go Back to Bed Depressing Endings.

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