Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Author Obits] Stephen Covey and Donald Sobol

Sadly, two well-known authors recently passed away.

Stephen R. Covey (born 1932) passed away Monday, July 16 at the age of 79. He is best known for The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Restoring the Character Ethic, first published in 1989.  

"Mr. Covey was a bit baffled by his success. He said he was simply telling people what he thought they already knew: the efficacy of good behavior. All that people had to do was form habits out of their best instincts, he said, calling his seven nuggets of knowledge natural laws, like gravity."
Click here to read the full NYTimes Obituary

Read comments from Covey's fans at Overheard on Covey Inspired 'Highly Effective' Lives

Donald J. Sobol (born 1924), author of the popular Encyclopedia Brown children's series, died July 11 at the age of 87.

"Mr. Sobol’s books have been translated into 12 languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide, according to his publisher, Penguin Young Readers Group. He continued to write every day until a month or so before his death, his son said. The 28th book in the series, 'Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Soccer Scheme,' is to be published in October." -Read the rest of the NYTimes Obituary 

Read a tribute by crime novelist, Jonathan Hayes,  Encyclopedia Brown: The Great Sleuth from my Youth

Search the catalog for books, audio books, and e-books by Stephen R. Covey and  Donald J. Sobol

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