Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[Book Review] NERD IN SHINING ARMOR by Vicki Lewis Thompson


Jason reviews NERD IN SHINING ARMOR by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Bantam Dell, 2003)  

I should preface this by review by mentioning that although I've read plenty of books with romantic elements, this is the first “romance” book I've read.  I decided on this particular book as it seemed a bit more adventuresome than most romances and I felt like the main characters may be a bit more relatable than most romance books.  I had a hard time starting this book, but ended up really enjoying it after only a few chapters in and rushed through the rest of it in only a couple days.

The story centers on a pretty girl and nerdy guy stranded together on a desert island after a small plane crash.  The nerdy guy has been secretly in love with the heroine and impresses her enough to begin a physical relationship, but the heroine is uncertain about the future.  Once they are rescued, can their passion last?

I liked that the characters were multi-faceted and that the plot wasn’t too predicable. The heroine is pretty, but is strong and fiery and ends up contributing quite a bit more than the smart guy due to her country upbringing. The nerd is muscular and is incredibly romantic. The sub-plot involves the heroine’s mother and her kind-natured boss searching for the missing couple and forming their own romance while emotionally supporting each other. I liked the extra subplot as it was a bit more relaxed and wholesome and slowed things down a bit from the mostly survival and sex-oriented plot line.

In summary, the characters were well-developed and interesting and there was enough action to keep someone who doesn’t usually like romances interested. In my opinion, it’s at least worth a read.

Jason Sharp, Whitehaven Library

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