Wednesday, May 09, 2012


 by Andrea

Mother... Mom... Ma... Mimsy. We all have different names for our mothers, and they all are synonymous with LOVE.

In honor of Mother's Day, MEMPHIS READS wants to know:

Is any mother or mother figure in literature you found yourself having great respect or admiration for?

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I proposed this question because I already knew my answer... I have full respect for Jack's Ma from ROOM by Emma Donoghue. She did all she could with her few pitiful resources to educate and entertain Jack as they were held captive in the 11x11 shed.
I respect the strength and courage of Meredith and Nina Whitson's Mother, Anya, from Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. Anya, comes off as a very cold and unloving Mother, but looks can be deceiving. I believe a lot of us have encountered at least one "Anya" in our lifetime. There's always a story there, but a heart that beats just as strongly
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