Monday, April 23, 2012

[Book Review] THE GLASS CASTLE by Jeanette Walls


Andrea reviews THE GLASS CASTLE by Jeannette Walls (Scribner Books, 2005) 

Usually, when people hear the word “classic” dealing with literature, they will think of the works of Shakespeare, Twain, Austen, and various other “old books.” This memoir by Jeannette Walls has already been deemed a classic, even though it was published only seven years ago.

Walls, her brother, and two sisters had a nomadic childhood due to her father’s inability to keep a job and her mother’s hatred toward anything domestic. Because of her cunning father’s serious drinking problem and her artistic mother being a self-proclaimed “excitement addict,” the children had to rely on each other to be fed, clothed, and protected.

Walls tells an amazing story of survival with heartbreaking details. Her childhood was beyond horrible-- that’s a fact. What is impressive is she does not want sympathy; instead, she just wants to tell you her story.

Andrea King, Poplar-White Station Library

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