Monday, February 06, 2012

[Book Review] ONE DEAD PREACHER by Tony Lindsay

Fiction/ African American/Mystery

Darletha reviews ONE DEAD PREACHER by Tony Lindsay (Q-boro Books, 2007)

David Price, CEO of a successful security company, agrees to take on a new client referred to him by a long-time friend. His new client is Sugar Owens, a beautiful woman seeking protection from her husband, Brother Yazz, the controversial religious leader of the New Day Brothers. The New Day Brothers offer second chances to “people whom the community and society had turned their backs on,” but they also utilize questionable means to finance their organization.

Price and Sugar share a strong attraction, but David soon learns that this job brings on more than he's bargained for when Brother Yazz is found dead. Using the streets of Chicago as a backdrop, David must stay ahead of the Chicago police and the New Day Brothers as he helps Sugar expose the dark secrets of the New Day organization.

I enjoyed the well-developed characters and events of this rapidly paced novel. The author has an edge of your seat writing style that captured my attention right away. As both protagonist and narrator, David is witty and street smart in a way reminiscent of Walter Mosley’s fictional detective, Easy Rawlins. This novel is a fast read, enriched with many social issues and compelling characters that lead to a satisfying end.

Darletha Matthews, South Branch Library

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