Friday, January 20, 2012

[News and Notes] January 20, 2012

Wondering why you can't seem to get into your regular reading ritual? It's probably a case of the winter season blahs. Book Riot offers help for readers suffering from Mid-Winter Reading Slump.

World Book Night, which began in the U.K. last year, is coming to America. What is World Book Night? "The goal [of World Book Night] is to give books to new readers, to encourage reading, to share your passion for a great book." On April 23, 2012, volunteers will give away 20 copies of a favorite book chosen from a pre-selected list of 30 titles. View the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

Another great book-sharing opportunity is geared toward young readers--the Birthday Party Pledge. The purpose of BPP is to give the gift of multicultural books for one year to little readers for their birthdays or any other special event. Visit for book recommendations and other information.


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