Tuesday, November 08, 2011

[Book Review] CLEO: THE CAT WHO MENDED A FAMILY by Helen Brown

Nonfiction/Human-Animal Relationships

Cathy reviews CLEO: THE CAT WHO MENDED A FAMILY by Helen Brown (Citadel, 2009)

I was drawn to read this book by the precious little black kitten with deep emerald eyes on the cover - I wanted to know her story.

Cleo is a very special, smart, and charming little cat who does indeed help to heal this family, following the tragedy of the death of eldest son, Sam. He had chosen this bundle of energy to join their family, prior to his accident.

The kitten arrives, and this family doesn't have a clue about cats. Helen seriously considers sending Cleo back to the lady Sam selected her from, but younger brother Rob smiles for the first time since the death of his beloved brother when he holds her. Rob insists on keeping Cleo, so of course she cannot return her now! Cleo always seemed to know how much this family needed her, even when they didn't.

I enjoyed reading about Cleo's quirks and very wild antics. The story is both touching and funny, and, I would imagine, converted several to cat ownership who might not otherwise consider it. One does not "own" a cat though, as much as the cat believes she "owns" you!

Cathy Brooks, Bartlett Library

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