Tuesday, September 06, 2011

[Book Review] THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER by Alane Ferguson

Fiction/Young Adult

Becky reviews THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER: A FORENSIC MYSTERY by Alane Ferguson (Sleuth/Viking, 2006)

Cameryn Mahoney is seventeen and lives with her dad and grandmother (Mammaw) in the small town of Silverton, Colorado. Her mom? Well, her mom's another story and Cameryn isn't sure it's one she's ready for. One thing she is ready for is her future. She knows she wants a career in forensic pathology. Her dad, Patrick Mahoney, just happens to be the County Coroner and when he hires her to be his assistant, it's a dream come true --until her second case.

A famous psychic, Dr. Jewel, has predicted that the "Christopher Killer" has struck again, and that the body of a girl will be found on a path leading to water. Cameryn doesn't believe in psychics -- she believes in science, but when a body is found just as Dr. Jewel predicted and it turns out to be Cameryn's friend Rachel, murder becomes personal.

Cameryn vows to let Rachel's body speak and to follow the clues to her killer. Who can she trust and who will believe a young and inexperienced girl? Will the new deputy in town be on her side in finding the guilty? What does he know about her mother and why don’t her dad and Mammaw want her talking to him?

Becky Graham, Central Circulation Department

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