Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[Book Review] GARDEN SPELLS by Sara Addison Allen


Parkway Village Book Club recently discussed GARDEN SPELLS by Sara Addison Allen (Bantam, 2007)

The Parkway Village Book Club read this quick read and discussed it at our July meeting. Most of us really liked the quirky characters in this small town. Waverly women all have special gifts or talents that the town relishes.

Claire Waverly can make certain foods that set the mood of a gathering. Certain foods make people see only the beauty of your home, none of the flaws. Other foods can make you keep secrets, see in the dark, or think that something good is going to happen, even if it isn’t.

Evanelle is Claire’s 69-year old cousin and she is compelled to give people presents but does not know why. She is considered strange to the entire town. However, they have quickly learned that a present from Evanelle is usually something that you need eventually, so you better keep it.

There are many more Waverly women to learn about in this book and they all have special gifts or talents. Other families in this town have quirks as well. One family always has a man named Phineas in each generation and he is known for his superior strength. Everyone wants to hire him to do heavy jobs for them.

Hollye Ferguson, Parkway Village Branch Book Club

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