Wednesday, June 08, 2011

[Book Review] WE AIN'T THE BRONTES by Rosalyn McMillan

Fiction/African American

Betty reviews WE AIN'T THE BRONTES by Rosalyn McMillan (Urban Books, 2011)

Charity and Lynzee are sibling writers with a love-hate relationship between them. Charity lives in Memphis and is struggling to get her book published. The other sister, Lynzee, is wealthy and lives in New York. Charity feels that her wealthy sister, Lynzee, is trying to destroy her career. Is she being blacklisted by her sister? A dark secret is about to surface regarding a child that was given away a birth. Will this destroy the siblings’ relationship forever?

This is a good book, easy to read, with an interesting plot, and a lot of drama. Since the author lives in Memphis, there are a lot of familiar places that she mentions throughout the book.

Betty Faulkner, Gaston Park Library

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