Friday, June 10, 2011

[Book Review] LIGHTNING by Dean Koontz


Nancy reviews LIGHTNING by Dean Koontz (Putnam, 1988)

From the earliest pages, Dean Koontz’s riveting use of time travel had me glued to this unusual tale of horror. The aptly-titled Lightning avoids the usual suspects upon whom the genre so often relies. No evil clowns or chainsaw murderers here, just seemingly ordinary folk who could pass for the neighbors next door. That’s how believable they are.

But ordinary, they most certainly are not.

This is the story of Laura Shane’s lifelong dance with destiny. From the time traveler’s first appearance, when he saves her life at birth amidst thunderous bolts of lightning, the reader wants to know why he’s chosen her to rescue. After close calls with would-be murderers in later childhood, Shane figures out that Mystery Man is her guardian angel. Figuring the rest takes a while.

The fun of the figuring is in the maze of adventures that Shane must negotiate before knowing that her survival determines the fate of the free world. Koontz’s suspenseful, sci-fi brand of horror is a maze that mystery lovers would also enjoy navigating.

Nancy Campbell, LINC Department

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