Tuesday, March 08, 2011

[Book Review] I BELIEVE I'LL TESTIFY by Lily M. Berry


Karen of the North Branch Women's Book Club reviews I BELIEVE I'LL TESTIFY: A STORY OF THE GRACE AND POWER OF GOD by Lily M. Berry (Trafford, 2005)

This memoir is a stirring recount of how Mrs. Berry overcame the negatives of living in poverty in Mississippi. Mrs. Berry tells how someone "put a fix" on her mother, how her family experienced the dark side of the occult, and episodes of sexual abuse. Her story describes the wonder of God's grace and redemption.

Our adult readers expressed that this book made them more appreciative of their childhoods and teen years. Mrs. Berry is willing to attend book clubs and discuss her book. This makes for an even more interesting book club discussion.

Karen Hall, North Branch

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