Thursday, October 07, 2010

[Book Review] THE WILD ZONE by Joy Fielding


Andrea reviews THE WILD ZONE by Joy Fielding (Atria Books, 2010)

Once again, Joy Fielding has packed a punch in her latest novel of suspense, The Wild Zone. This story revolves around brothers Jeff and Will, Jeff’s bartender girlfriend Kristen, and bar patron Suzy. Tom and Lainey Whitman are also vital to the plot.

Each woman is a victim of some kind of abuse. When she was younger, Kristin was sexually assaulted by her mother’s boyfriends. Suzy’s husband physically abuses her, and Lainey is verbally beaten by her husband. It’s no wonder each of them hates men and wants so badly to be out of their current relationships.

Readers, men and women alike, will sympathize with the women, who deal with scumbag behavior they feel they must accept.

Suzy seems to be the most vulnerable of the women, as her overprotective, jealous doctor husband physically and emotionally tears into her everyday. Suzy, it would seem, warrants the most compassion from readers. Knowing this, readers will also be shocked to realize Suzy is also the most vindictive and conniving.

But, this reviewer isn’t divulging any secrets. Enjoy this story of suspense and revenge, as the signs over the bar’s entrance proclaim: “WELCOME TO THE WILD ZONE! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!”

Andrea King, Poplar-White Station

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