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[Book Review] Going Coastal by Wendy French


Andrea King reviews GOING COASTAL, by Wendy French (Forge Books, 2005)

This work of fiction is about karma--the simple belief that “what goes around will come around.”

Jody Rogers, a 27-year-old waitress, has had enough. Tired of customers sexually harassing her and not having a future at what feels like a dead-end job at Dean’s Ocean Galley Restaurant, she finally snaps after seven years. Abruptly quitting in the middle of her lunch shift, Jody trudges home to tell the news to Chris, her live-in boyfriend of two years.

Not expecting Jody home for a few more hours, Chris is busted, literally, with his pants down. To add another fly in the ointment, Jody finds Chris in the shower with her cousin, Beth! So, on top of a horrible day at work, Jody has found her longtime boyfriend cheating on her--with her cousin! Jody attempts to move back home with her parents, after hastily deciding to move out of Chris' house.

Strike three! Her parents have converted her old childhood bedroom into their arts and crafts room, leaving Jody virtually homeless.

In the course of 24 hours, Jody is jobless, boyfriend-less, and homeless. What could be the icing on this proverbial cake? Of course, it would be the invitation to her ten year class reunion!

All of these unfortunate events would harden anyone else, but Jody’s spunk and determination keep her afloat. Jody is no “Pollyanna” but she is a resourceful and sympathetic character.

In the end, anyone who has wronged Jody sees the errors of their ways. (Spoiler alerts: Chris gets cheated on, the harasser from Dean’s moves out of town, and Jody gets re-hired with a promotion!)

I liked Jody because she has a good heart and tries to make the best of her situation. Going Coastal is a lighthearted, end of the summer read that this reviewer finished in one day!

Andrea King, Poplar-White Station

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Sounds like a great book.
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