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[Book Review] REMEMBER ME by Sophie Kinsella


Andrea King reviews REMEMBER ME? by Sophie Kinsella (Dial Press, 2008)

People survive car accidents everyday. People wake up from comas every day, too. But, unfortunately, sometimes it takes a long time to recover mentally and physically from both of these traumatic circumstances.

Lexi Smart is having a hard time adjusting to life after her car accident. She has amnesia and even though the accident was less that a week ago, somehow she cannot remember the last three years of her life! Before the accident, she was a struggling 25 year-old working girl but she wakes up as a 28 year-old corporate hot shot. The last event she remembers about herself at 25 is getting drunk at a club and having to go to her father’s funeral the next day. She was barely making ends meet and was dating someone named “Loser Dave.” Her life at 25 was not something to be desired, to say the least.

Remarkably, over the last three years, Lexi has managed to grow up, get married to a multi-millionaire, and become boss at the company where she didn’t even receive a bonus before! Unfortunately, because of her amnesia, she remembers none of these events!

Lexi is, of course, floundering as Eric’s wife (she doesn’t even remember their wedding!) and as the director in her company. These troubles make it all the more difficult for her to get acclimated to her "new" life out of the coma! Who can she trust? Who are her friends? Who isn’t?
Writing with her usual humor, Sophie Kinsella (who is famous for the Shopaholic series) takes life-altering events that could be traumatic and makes them comedic.

Although the grass seemed so much greener when 28 year-old Lexi awoke from her coma, it’s just not for a variety of reasons! Kinsella teaches us as readers to always be careful what we wish for because we may just get it.

I enjoyed this story of Lexi Smart as she grapples to piece her life together before and after her awakening. Readers will laugh out loud as well as feel true sympathy for her.

Andrea King, Poplar-White Station


Hi, I also read this book, being a Sophie Kinsella fan. But the formula is becoming too run-of-the-mill now! After the entire Shopaholic series, undomestic goddess, can you keep a secret.....sophie kinsella's writings have become too predictable and taking the same kind of graph. I ahve reviewed the book here:
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