Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[Book Review] STILL LIFE by Joy Fielding


Andrea King reviews STILL LIFE by Joy Fielding (Simon and Schuster, 2009)

I am a huge Joy Fielding fan. Ever since I checked out See Jane Run as a new, seven-day book many years ago and read it in a day, I have been hooked. I have read her entire collection and own a majority of her books. You can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on her latest novel, Still Life.

Interior designer Casey seems to have it all together--good looks, a loving husband, lifelong friends, and a small inheritance. But, as much work as it takes to "get it all together," it only takes a brief moment for everything to be shattered. And, in the one of most traumatic ways imaginable, Casey’s life is almost completely destroyed. There are no witnesses to the hit-and-run accident in which a SUV driver leaves her for dead in a parking garage. Casey has multiple broken bones and is in a coma.

Medical authorities are conflicted about whether Casey can hear what is going on around her while comatose. But the more Casey heals and hears, the more she realizes this hit-and-run was no accident. Most upsetting is her realization of who set up the crime.

Joy Fielding will have readers sitting on the edge of their seats with this story of suspense and intrigue. This reviewer stayed up until 2:00 a.m. to finish the book because it’s just that good!

Andrea King, Poplar-White Station Branch Library

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Still Life is the first one of Joy Fielding books I have read and it is wonderful.
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