Monday, March 30, 2009

[Book Review] CROSS COUNTRY by James Patterson


Beth reviews CROSS COUNTRY: A Novel by James Patterson (Little, Brown & Company, 2008)

I admit it; I’m a huge James Patterson fan. I’ve read almost all of his novels, young adult titles included! Cross Country is a little different than his usual Alex Cross novels.

Alex Cross is usually a slow-to-act detective who relies on his intellect. He's worked with the best and has become the best. But in this novel he’s thrown off course by the grisly murder of his first real love, Ellie Cox, and her family. It appears to be a senseless act of violence until other families are murdered in a similar fashion. Alex comes to learn that “the Tiger” is responsible for these murders. Alex takes these murders to heart and decides to follow the Tiger to Africa in search of justice for Ellie and all those that the Tiger has murdered.

What Alex doesn’t realize is that many people in Africa resent his presence. In Nigeria he encounters many corrupt government officials and confronts the horror that they bring—to him and to their people. Will Alex be able to find the Tiger and bring him to justice or will the Tiger and his gang of murderous lost boys best our favorite detective?

This novel depicts the dire situation in places like Darfur and the diamond mines of Sierra Leone. It is very graphic.

Beth, Highland Branch

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I just finished Cross Country and for the first time after reading a number of James Patterson books I was left with unanswered questions.
Why was Alex Cross called a traitor on the plane and why did the taxi driver also refer to him as a traitor. This was not explained. Also after having been beaten so badly in Africa, possible broken shoulder etc he managed to man handle a man much stronger than himself and run like a regular athlete. I was left a little perplexed. I loved the book just wondering if anyone else found these a little odd.
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