Saturday, August 09, 2008

[Book Review] GUILTY by Karen Robards


Beth reviews GUILTY by Karen Robards (Putnam, 2008).

Can you ever truly escape your past? I’m not talking little white lies and a skipped afternoon of school--I’m talking something serious. Something that weighs on your mind...for Katrina Kominski it happened the summer when she was 15. After being placed in foster care, Kate decided to skip curfew and go out with friends. That decision would come back to haunt her and her son years later.

Kate White, Philadelphia’s Assistant District Attorney, starts her day off wrong by leaving the ringer on her cell phone turned on and it rings during a trial. But that turns out to be the easy part of her day--the defendant takes out a gun and kills the judge. Kate is taken hostage but escapes. All attention focuses on her as Kate explains that she managed to kill her kidnapper. But soon after, her troubled past catches up with her...she is followed, carjacked, kidnapped and threatened. Can she trust Detective Tom Braga, the investigating officer, enough to tell him the truth? Will he believe her?

This suspenseful book will have you wondering how Kate is going to pull this off. Can she manage? Will she and Tom become a couple or will she run? Enjoy another great Karen Robards novel!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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