Thursday, July 03, 2008

[Book Review] FEARLESS by Diana Palmer


Beth reviews FEARLESS by Diana Palmer (Harlequin Books, 2008)

This quick read, enjoyed by both me and my mother, is what most romance readers are looking for. A sweet innocent woman who has overcome life’s obstacles to become a strong, successful woman. A hero who is good and has his own burdens to share with her. And yet they both nearly ruin this great book by their stubbornness!

Gloryanne is a District Attorney and her job has once again put her in harm’s way—there are no witnesses when a drug lord threatens her life. Can she stay safe until his trial? The ideal place to hide is on her stepbrother’s farm in her hometown of Jacobsville, working undercover as a canner. There she meets Rodrigo Ramirez, the manager of a truck farm by day and by night an undercover DEA agent. Rodrigo is working to bust a drug cartel that is running drugs across the Texas border. Gloryanne and Rodrigo keep their true lives a this anyway to start a relationship? Will they stand by each other when the secrets come out? And can they outwit the people out to kill them?

A great romance with some twists and turns. Perfect for a sunny day indoors or a poolside read!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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