Tuesday, June 10, 2008

[Resources] The Fiction Database

The Fiction Database is an online resource for fiction titles. They specialize in romance and Westerns, but cover other genres of fiction as well.

Although you have to pay for a subscription to the database, it has several useful features that can be used for free.

The "new releases" section allows users to select a month and year to see which books have been or are scheduled to be released then. Currently, users can look as far ahead as December, 2008.

Another useful feature of the site is the complete author lists which can be sorted by title or publication date. Author's works that appear in anthologies are also included on the site, so you may be able to find some short stories you didn't know existed by your favorite authors.

Other lists that users might find helpful include complete series lists (especially for series with multiple authors that share a continuity, like Star Wars or Star Trek) and author pseudonym lists to help users find books by writers who use more than one name (like Victoria Holt).

I didn't find the book details pages to be all that useful, but they do link to outside reviews, usually hosted at Amazon.com. Users who are not paid subscribers must also look at the version of the site with advertising, but that is not uncommon on the Internet.

Jesse Pool, Highland Branch Library


I'd like to suggest a resource for this blog. It's a site that features African-American Christian Fiction novels. It also includes author interviews. The link is:



Rhonda McKnight
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