Saturday, June 14, 2008

[Book Review] THE DEVIL'S BONES by Jefferson Bass


Beth reviews THE DEVIL'S BONES by Jefferson Bass (William Morrow, 2008)

Being from East Tennessee, I look forward to Jefferson Bass’ novels. They take me back home. This novel was especially interesting as it focused on several different plot lines and reminded me of some of James Patterson’s work.

The first case Dr. Bill Brockton is working on surrounds the mysterious death of Mary Latham. She was found burned to death in her car. Could her husband, who was gambling in Las Vegas at the time, have killed her? For "research," Dr. Brockton decides to test out some theories—by setting two cars on fire! Of course, there are bodies in there…he does run the body farm. Can his investigation gather enough evidence to locate the real killer?

Dr. Brockton's second case involves a situation that has been in the news a lot lately. The case begins when his lawyer, Burt DeVriess, sends him a package through the mail—the remains of the attorney's Aunt Jean, which look suspicious. Dr. Brockton agrees to look into the matter for DeVriess and gets more than he bargained for! The crematorium in Georgia where Aunt Jean was sent refuses phone calls—so off he goes in search of answers. What he finds is mind-boggling.

If this wasn’t enough for one person to deal with, Garland Hamilton has escaped from jail. He tried to frame Dr. Brockton for murder in Flesh and Bone, and now he is after him. Will he catch up with Dr. Brockton? Who will come out of the match-up alive?

Although the chapters jump from one case another, the book ties up nicely at the end. I can’t wait for the next book from Jefferson Bass.

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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