Saturday, April 19, 2008

[Book Review] AIRBORN by Kenneth Oppel

Fiction/Fantasy Young Adult

Hillary Pesson reviews AIRBORN by Kenneth Oppel (EOS, 2004)

Young Matt Cruse, a cabin boy on the airship Aurora, rises to the occasion again and again as he is buffeted by the winds of fate. Driven to work on the same airship which claimed the life of his father, his swashbuckling adventure begins with the discovery of a hot-air balloon adrift over the Pacificus. Before the end of Oppel’s tale, Mr. Cruse will discover that even though he was born aloft, he cannot fly, but can learn to adjust his sails.

Highly recommended to all those who love a high-impact, fast-paced adventure the likes of Robinson Crusoe, Jean Craighead George, and Jules Verne. Marked as a Printz Award winner for excellence in Young Adult literature, Airborn packs a powerful plot, highly developed characters, and intense visual language into a powerhouse of a book. A must read, no matter the age.

Hillary Pesson, Children's Department

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It's been a few years since I read this one, but I remember loving it at the time.

You just can't go wrong with pirates and blimps.
Airborn was a fantastic and action packed book. I would reccomend this to anyone 12 and older. You'll fall in love with this book with in the first chapter. This is for both boys and girls
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