Wednesday, January 23, 2008

[Book Review] PLUM LUCKY by Janet Evanovich


Beth reviews PLUM LUCKY Janet Evanovich (St. Martin’s Press, 2008)

My year just keeps getting better! Janet Evanovich released a between-the-numbers novella, Plum Lucky, where Stephanie heads to Atlantic City in search of Grandma Mazur, a bag of money, and a leprechaun. Diesel is following a little man in green pants (Snuggy) who stole a bag of money—which leads him to Stephanie, Grandma Mazur, Atlantic City and Grandma Mazur’s leprechaun.

Trouble started when Grandma Mazur got the “luck of the Irish” on her side and, while following a rainbow, found the bag of money. Like all good senior citizens (or at least like my Nanny!) she bought a RV, hired a driver/bodyguard and is gambling away the money in Atlantic City. But the “original” owner of the money, a Trenton mobster named Delvina, wants it back. Stephanie and Diesel must save everyone—Grandma Mazur, Snuggy and his ex-racehorse Doug from Delvina. The mobster starts with one hostage. Adds another. And another. He simply can't have too many hostages.

This book was hilarious! Several times I had to stop reading just to catch my breath! Stephanie is in full force this time—with a horse added to the mix. Of course she blows up a car, gets shot at and catches a “skip.” It’s Stephanie Plum at her craziest!

Beth, Highland

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Have you ever read any of Jennifer Crusie's romance novels?

Her latest is Agnes and the Hitman, which she cowrote with Bob Mayer. It's sexy and adventurous; it's funny, but not as hilarious as Evanovich. There are some goofy characters, though I doubt old Two-Wheels Thibault is a nutty as Grandma Mazur. I think you might like it.

I have enjoyed several of Jennifer Crusie's books.

A friend and I laughed ourselves silly listening to Welcome to Temptation this past summer on the way to Florida. The descriptions in that book definitely remind me of Janet Evanovich! I've also enjoyed reading her books Crazy for You and Bet Me .

I’ll have to remember Jennifer Crusie the next time I get asked “What should I read until Fearless 14 comes out?” And thanks for the suggestion of Agnes and the Hitman!

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