Monday, January 14, 2008

[Book Review] BLOOD DREAMS by Kay Hooper


Beth reviews BLOOD DREAMS by Kay Hooper (Bantam, 2007)

I definitely started my New Year reading list off with a bang! This book will haunt me for a while—serial killers, bloody murder scenes and psychic connections. It also has an ending that leaves you waiting for the other shoe (or in reality, book) to drop.

The killer seems to have no boundaries, no fears. He hunts his victims and no one is safe—a fact proven by the identity of his latest victim: the daughter of a powerful U.S. Senator. Under pressure from the media and a father seeking justice, Bishop and his FBI Special Crimes Unit must find the killer before it is too late. But what if the psychic cops are not enough?

Haven, a group founded by Bishop, works outside the government and its red tape. This group of people is willing to go the extra mile and use their abilities to solve “un-solvable” crimes. But this time they find themselves being hunted by the evil which they hunt, and Haven member Dani Justice is in particular danger. Dani has always had nightmares that become real but she never expected to have the same dream over and over, a dream full of blood, smoke and helplessness. She doesn’t want to hunt the killer or risk those whom she cares about, but she doesn’t have a choice. Especially when she alone is the weapon that can bring him down. What her dreams don't tell her is who will make it out alive.

Blood Dreams is part of the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series. The books are set up in trilogies. Other books in this series are:

Stealing Shadows
Hiding in the Shadows
Out of the Shadows

Touching Evil
Whisper of Evil
Sense of Evil

Hunting Fear
Chill of Fear
Sleeping With Fear

Blood Dreams

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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