Friday, December 21, 2007

[Book Review] AMAZING GRACE by Danielle Steel


Beth reviews AMAZING GRACE by Danielle Steel (Delacorte Press, 2007)

Sure, like every girl my age, I’ve grown up surrounded by Danielle Steel. My mom reads her (while skipping certain “parts”), my Nanny reads her (now in large print and I’d bet not skipping “parts”) and so did my sister and I (I’m not commenting on “parts” with us!). This Danielle Steel is not the one of my teenage years—Amazing Grace was a soft romance mixed with inspirational fiction, a devastating earthquake and a touch of suspense and criminal activity.

The Bay Area experiences a huge earthquake that brings down parking garages, destroys houses, closes hotels and leaves thousands homeless. It also brings together three women seeking something in their lives. Sarah Sloane, married to the highly successful entrepreneur Seth, is a mother of two and event planner of the high-ticket charity auction. Melanie Free, a hot Grammy-winner, performs at the auction until the earthquake. At 19, she sees her life stretching out in front of her—and she doesn’t like what she sees. During the crisis she meets Sister Maggie Kent and begins to work with her ministering to the needs of the injured. Melanie is reminded of her dream to become a nurse…but will her stage mother let her? Sister Maggie also attracts the attention of photo-journalist Everett Carson.

A great soft read for a cold day! Enjoy this wonderful book!

Beth, Highland Branch Library

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